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COVID-19 Grants: Good Ideas, Weak Implementation

In the wake of the nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the government has deemed it necessary to make available to the public a number of grants for persons without a source of income. These grants include relief for salaries, rent assistance and food aid. While these grants are a welcome break for people … Continue reading COVID-19 Grants: Good Ideas, Weak Implementation

Food for Thought- Food Sovereignity in Times of Crisis

“As a small island nation with a dormant manufacturing sector, almost every item that is consumed- from clothes, to electronics and especially food- is imported from abroad. But as the COVID infection continues to rip throughout the world without abating, entire industries are being forced to shut down due to concerns about the safety of workers and the wider population. If this virus isn’t brought under control, there is the very real possibility of our nation having to forgo imported goods for as long as the world needs for this virus to relent. “

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