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“Everyone wants peace, but no one is crying out for justice” – Peter Tosh

There is a lot happening in our country and all around the world. Injustice is everywhere and although we are willing to confront it, the working people of T&T have found it difficult to unite against racial division; in addition to the other types of discrimination that have held us back as a nation.

This newsletter aims to inspire and educate a new generation of conscious activists seeking an end to the status quo. We would like all of our readers to understand the historical and social context that have produced our struggles today, as we seek to break down the barriers that divide us.

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A luta continua!

Youth Action Necessary to Fight Climate Change

The Youth Eco Movement (Y.E.M.) was formed in response to the lack of action by the government in the fight against climate change, and by the ongoing plundering of the Earth’s resources at the hands of oil companies.

Y.E.M., based in North-West Trinidad, first took action when they staged a march around the Queen’s Park Savannah in December of 2019, to raise awareness of the urgent need to address climate change. The group has voiced their concerns about the growing threat of hurricanes, and the risk of losing our own coral reefs. 

They are calling on the state and the private sector to make the shift towards green energy and to abandon the destructive extractive industries.